We Are Usually Asked About

Are there any hidden fees on the contracts?

No, all costs for each contract will be recorded on it. After the initial analysis, we send the client a quote for the services requested. Also, it is stated in the contract/agreement that if additional costs were added to it, the customer would always be warned.

Do you take credit card payments?

Yes, we accept all payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Do you accept other payment methods?

We accept payments by check, PayPal or cash

Where on the website can I get a price list for each service?

No, we do not display a price list on our website, because each client has his own needs and budget. A price list cannot apply to all of our customers.

Do you bill on time?

No, our billing depends on the contracts, we generally prefer to charge per project (a fixed price for each project).

Do you offer technical assistance?

Yes, we offer technical assistance in our opening hours: Monday to Friday, (Time – Aam – Bpm).

Our previous SEO worked well but stopped after a few years, and our site is no longer visible, what happens?

Google’s algorithm of search engines evolves very fast. The SEO techniques of previous years are no longer valid today and can even penalize your SEO. We will advise you on the best strategies to adopt for your digital marketing by working on all the possible digital channels and diversifying on the web.

We do not have photos for our site or our e-commerce products, can you take care of this?

At Next Level Media, we will provide you with databases of online images and also, we have a team of photographers and videographers who are vast in digital photography.

We used the service of another agency for our web design, can you take care of it?

We will first make a detailed audit of your current site and decide with you how best to resume the work of your old agency.

Our ads on Facebook and AdWords aren’t yielding much. What can Next Level Media do differently?

The first objective will be to understand how you set up your campaigns, the tools used and your expectations. We will be able to carry out an audit then make you our recommendations regarding digital-advertising. Our teams are certified Google Partner and will deliver you the right strategy (budget, message, frequency, editorial line) to make your online campaigns a real success.

Do you offer a maintenance service after delivering the site to us?

The solutions we offer are all based on a content management tool (CMS, e-commerce platform, application) allowing you to manage your content texts, images, documents, and media independently.

Also, we have specific packages for changes of a technical nature and occasional services. These packages are highly appreciated by our customers.

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